About Us

Before immigrating to Canada with his family, Charles Ouyang was an entrepreneur and CEO of a large company in China. On his spare times, he loves to travel across China to taste local dishes and share insights with local chefs as a hobby. With his years of entrepreneurship experiences and food journeys, Charles discovered a missing market of Chinese cooking sauces in North America from his friend’s deep fascination and appreciation of authentic Chinese cuisine. However, limited by skills, equipment, and experiences, they are frustrated from unable to recreate these wonderful dishes at home to share with their families.

In North America markets, Chinese cooking sauces are often limited to base-level ingredients such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, rice vinegar, and other various dried spices, which requires skills and technical know-how to be used properly in dishes. 

To this end, Charles begun his endeavor to combine individual Chinese cooking ingredients into a single sauce product which enables anyone to recreate authentic Chinese dishes at home. After years of studying into Chinese cooking philosophy, modern western sauce making technologies, and conduct market research of cooking sauces, an opportunity arose for Charles to let go of his companies in China and start Will’s Food Inc. proudly on Canadian soil to produce a wide selection of Chinese cooking sauces. 

It is Charles’ dream to enable anyone, regardless of cooking skills, to be able to recreate restaurant level authentic Chinese dishes at home and appreciate its wonderfulness at ease.